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What are NFT?

Acronym for “non-fungible token”, they are a type of cryptographic token on Blockchain that represents a unique digital or real asset. What distinguishes NFT is their non-fungibility, given by a unique, non-replicable

NFT and digital art

A digital work in NFT is digitally signed by the
artist who created it, which makes it different from
the other apparently identical ones in circulation,
just as an authentic and signed painting is
different from a copy of it.


The NFT allow you to demonstrate and certify the authenticity and therefore the intellectual property of the work as, regardless of the transfer of ownership, its attribution will always be attributable to the author.

How will I receive the NFT?

We will provide you with all the information to manage your NFT and be able to store and sell them, thanks to an electronic wallet called “Wallet”. We will take care of everything, you will receive a guide via email immediately after your purchase.

Can I resell NFT?

NFT are tradable and resalable through platforms
such as Opensea and you are free to resell your
NFT freely at the price you want at any time.

How will I receive my collectibles?

You will receive all the physical collectibles you have purchased comfortably at home via express courier within 15 days of ordering!



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